Cristina Ferrer art exhibition in Ses Casetes

Ibiza-born artist Cristina Ferrer has opened a new solo exhibition at Ses Casetes Art Café in Sant Mateu, coinciding with the Christmas holidays. The exhibition consists of 14 medium and large format oil paintings, faithful to the theme of the islands of Ibiza and Formentera. “I like to paint our islands in their current state so that there is a trace of the pictorial life that I am living. Among them are four paintings with my model, my muse, my daughter Norma Torres, who also acts as my photographer for exhibitions. The paintings are oil paintings, as always, and I have no plans to change either my style or my technique,” says the artist.

Ferrer begins each piece with a photo session of the place she wants to paint, which serves as a sketch for her to later transfer the image to the canvas. “I use Belgian linen canvas for its quality, which I can’t acquire in Ibiza because it’s hardly used,” she says.

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