“Del árbol a la raíz” exhibition by artist Manuel Rodríguez Méndez will take place this Friday at Ses Casetes Art Café (San Mateo) starting at 8pm. Manuel Rodríguez Méndez has been living on the island of Ibiza since 1995 and has been exhibiting regularly. He has exhibited at the Es Molí Gallery, among many other places, both in the foreign cities he lived in, such as Berlin (2012-2013) and Prague (2013-2016), and in various cities in Spain, such as Barcelona, Gerona, Valencia, and Altea (Alicante).

The theme of this exhibition has been developing since around 2012, with the representative theme focused on “Heaven on Earth.” The exhibition will feature eleven pieces created using oil, acrylic, Chinese ink, and collage techniques on canvas, manifested in gestural lines, close to abstraction. They are somewhat similar to the characteristic synthesis of Eastern paintings or prints.

In this case, the roots are created with the intention of transporting their earthly concept into a symbiosis with the celestial. The origin comes from both a spiritual and biological impulse, where these roots belonging to the plant world reflect the nervous system of the earth, thus forming an organic parallel with the neuronal aspect of animals. The roots establish their own synapse, which is also revealed in humans.

The tree and its way of life are a continuous vital testimony in which its integrity with the five elements (water, earth, fire, air, and ether) is clearly evident, thus showing itself as a profound meditator and an example to follow, from the contemplation of being.

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