Estíbaiz Romaña art exhibition at Ses Casetes

The Basque artist Estíbaliz Romaña, known throughout Spain for her ability to convey the therapeutic power of painting through her certified method “Puertas a la vida” (Doors to Life), returns to Ibiza to exhibit her works starting on March 4th at 7:00 p.m. and running until May 7th at the Sant Mateu restaurant, Ses Casetes Art Cafè.

The exhibition, titled “Open Doors and Opportunities in Your Life,” is composed of 12 of her latest works that combine materials such as wood, sand, stones, shells, and personal items “with high emotional value.”

Among her themes, “there are doors with bright colors that convey peace and energy, turquoise seas and waves of the Cantabrian Sea that show the mix of inspiration between the Mediterranean and her beloved Ibiza and her origins in the Basque Country.”

Art therapy and coaching

According to her own words, the exhibition combines art therapy, self-awareness, and coaching “to advance towards the life we all desire through sessions and workshops.”

Romaña has shown that “painting is not only about creating a great painting using the best techniques, but it can also be used to be present in the moment, calm our minds, and express emotions and feelings that we may not be able to otherwise externalize.” Painting is a magnificent method “to learn how to detach ourselves from the result and flow, both while painting and in life, focusing on the creative process and not the result.”

Furthermore, “to connect with our interior instead of perfectionism, learn to value and appreciate ourselves, believe in ourselves, give our work the value it deserves, regardless of others’ opinions or its artistic value, and liberate ourselves from our own expectations and environment without the need to create a work with great technical skill.”

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